Event Management and the epiphany of pandemic

Event Management and the epiphany of pandemic

Events have been part of our everyday lives since anyone of us could remember, be it the ball from the early 20th century or International Conferences in the 21st century we all have been part of one or the other. 

Our world is currently facing a pandemic of a lifetime and the implications of the same is hard on every industry especially on any profile indulging in public gathering. 

Event management industry has been the helping hand to host successful parties. A good event management company will literally take away all your hassles starting from finding a theme, venue, food and beverages, invitations and everything else. Yes, you can do all of this on your own but the amount of energy and time that would be consumed, and the expense can all be just simply transferred to a good management company and you will have an amazing party with credit on your name. 

The unfortunate pandemic has brought an enormous amount of change in every individuals’ life, some of them are reversible but some remains a permanent scar. The regression brought by COVID-19 is something that shook the very market itself of every industry. Just like every other industry Event management has been affected extensively. As per the latest WHO guidelines every kind of father has been cut short to max of 50 people in a place with social distancing. This guidelines has increased the expense of conducting an event plus the regression would have its own effect on the economy and hence the capital investment would increase. 

The cons of the pandemic exceeds our limitations as the event needs to be short and crisp, it has sanitary guidelines, distancing hence a well pre planned seating arrangements and of course the serving of food and beverages has to be given extra consideration. All and every event needs to be planned more in order to keep up with the safety of every person indulging in the same.

Some pron that came with such a huge change is acceptance. Acceptance of a new normal can psychologically and physically bring out a more aware sense of living for all the beings. Now, in terms of business people are going to be more careful about the deals they take in and the safety would be the first priority. Plus the money would be valued, of course that kind of carefulness can only be brought by the regression. This unfortunate pandemic has brought the epiphany of life and the limitation of every individual, be it monetarily or philosophically. In event management, as the involvement of people would be the less the quality of the service would increase. The safety measures like thermal scanning at the entrance, less crowd at buffet, the frequent sanitisation will bring in a lot more health safety measures in comparison to our old normal. The event managers from here on will be taking extra care of all the sectors of organizing an event so as to keep the quality to the top and creating a safer environment for every participant.  

Though the industry might have taken an unfortunate turn, but as once a wise man said “The show must go on” and we would continue to keep the events but in a safer and a better way.

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