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Transform your company with Ourea’s HR Outsourcing!

The past couple of years have witnessed HR Outsourcing becoming a way of life for many organisations. It helps companies reduce operating costs and streamline processes while focusing solely on core business operations.

Ourea’s Sargaa Team of HR experts have the necessary expertise and technology know-how to provide end-to-end HR Outsourcing and employee administration services.

How Sargaa’s HR Outsourcing will benefit you

Our HR Team will partner with you to create HR programs that improve your work environment while streamlining administration tasks. We will implement HR strategies and help resolve employee pain points. We will adopt global Human Resource best practices and technologies to give your company a major boost.


Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Providing your business with exceptional talent!

Employees are your most precious assets - your company spends a significant portion of earnings to pay them. It's important to have the best employees to ensure optimal productivity.

Here is how Sargaa’s HR Team will help you:

  • Identify your talent needs and determine the skills required to fill that position
  • Create detailed job descriptions
  • Perform extensive searches on your behalf to find the right candidates
  • Identify suitable candidates and coordinate with them for interviews
  • Provide an offer for the selected candidate and get through an onboard process

Sargaa’s immaculate streamlining of the entire interview process has helped us build long-term partnerships with our clients!

HR Audit

Ensuring compliant and efficient HR practices at your firm!

Sargaa's HR Audit services help to provide key insights on how your HR team contributes to value creation while highlighting areas of liability. As part of our audit, it is important to examine the results generated by the implementation of current HR policies.

Areas that are covered under Ourea's HR Audit:

  • Organizational structure
  • Employee benefits
  • Communication
  • Performance management
  • Employee records
  • Employee recruitment practices
  • Training & Development
  • Work schedules

Employee Management

Helping you keep employees happy & loyal to your company!

Sargaa will help you transform underperforming employees into proven winners! We also ensure that high-performing employees stay loyal to your brand. We achieve our Employment Goals through a mix of motivation and consistent communication practices. We will introduce a series of processes and strategies that will help measure, track, and interact with the employees in your company.

Here is what you can expect from Sargaa's Employee Management services:

  • One-on-one discussions with employees
  • Setting of expectations for employees
  • Strengthening employee relations with the Management and other colleagues
  • Motivational measures to be launched when necessary
  • Training provided to needy employees
  • Providing emotional support at all times
  • Setting up of a Disciplinary Action Plan to implement in indiscipline scenarios

We serve as the best friend of employees on your behalf!

Payroll Management

Efficient management of employees' salaries, bonuses and deductions!

Sargaa will ensure that salaries are disbursed on time after adjustment based on leaves, increment and other factors. Payrolls are typically handled by in-house teams but this scenario is changing. More companies are relying on a partner like Ourea to take care of payroll functions. The Sargaa team can process a large number of payroll records every month. We have an accuracy of 100% in payroll processing. Our team of qualified accountants will work for you on a confidential basis. They will communicate with employees whenever required regarding salary queries. All statutory and legal requirements will be adhered to while doing payroll calculations.

Here is a snapshot of Sargaa’s Payroll Management services:

  • Monthly maintenance of payroll processing records
  • Customized reports on employees as per your request
  • Collection and verification of documents for investment proof
  • Reimbursement based on approval of claims

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