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Kalistha by Ourea: Kerala’s finest Interior Designing Services!

Ourea is a Kochi-based company focused on providing end-to-end corporate solutions for organizations and individuals in India. For the past couple of years, we have worked with companies located in Trivandrum and Kochi to provide a variety of solutions that include Event Management, HR, Training & Interior Designing. Get in touch to learn how we can help you!

Upgrading Interiors With Kalistha

We believe that every home and office represents someone’s dream and hard work. The Kalistha team works hard to transform ordinary interiors into living or working spaces people will love to return to!

Our team of Interior Designing Consultants will listen to your complex requirements and come up with solutions that go beyond expectations! Our transformed interior spaces are eco-friendly and urban in nature. Here is a list of projects we undertake:

Homes – Apartments | Villas

Designing dream homes where cherishable memories are made!

Interiors of residential spaces are expected to be soothing, functional and practical. Kalistha works on creating living spaces that are kids-friendly while making optimal use of every square feet of existing space. We transform the following residential spaces:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Sit Out
  • Puja Room

Offices – Startups | Established Offices

Designing offices where business dreams are achieved!

Offices are often visited by clients who are looking to strike a deal. Also, an office provides employees with an optimal and soothing environment to pursue daily work tasks. It’s important that your office looks world-class and is better than that of competitors! Kalistha will ensure that your commercial space is designed in style with optimal utilization of space.

Approach us to upgrade your office interior or to design it from scratch! Here is a 6-step process on how we will design your office:

  • Capture the Management's vision for the office space
  • Perform a recce of the available space to understand how best it can be utilized for business purposes
  • Come up with a block plan to show how each space will allocated to make best use of resources
  • Creation of 3D computerized drawings for approvalCreation of 3D computerized drawings for approval
  • Commencement of work as per pre-determined design
  • Adding finishing touches to bring the workplace to life!

Other Commercial Establishments

Redefining the way commercial spaces look!

We customize commercial spaces in such a way that customers feel at home. The Kalistha Team will ensure that visitors keep returning to commercial offices designed by us. We achieve this by designing spaces that embrace comfort and practicality. By offering adequate seating arrangements, air ventilation and quality entry of sunlight, your commercial space will be transformed into a marketing wonder!

Our interior services are applicable for the following commercial spaces:

  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Showrooms
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Halls
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Malls

Minor or Specific Renovation Works

Taking good care of even the minutest details!

We often get requests for minor renovation works that involve sprucing up the walls, choosing appropriate furniture or providing solutions for ANY minor, customized interior work. This helps us to partner with other vendors to transform your office. Do you have any

  • Wall paper decoration/painting
  • Plumbing/Electrical works
  • Carpentry/Furniture works
  • Ceiling & Partition works

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